Mobile Device Management

Formalizing and effectively directing Mobile device management (MDM) is imperative for modern organizations. MDM helps address some important cybersecurity concerns your company may face as your team expands and your hardware diversifies.

Explore how DataTap uses expert MDM to benefit business and foster effective processes.

Mobile Device Management:
Endpoint Protection

Mobile devices are some of the most sensitive parts of a company network. At DataTap, we employ effective mobile device management to ensure that these devices are treated in the correct manner.

Some of the major components of MDM that we take care of for your organization include:

  • Mobile information management
  • Management of data that flows through a network up to a mobile device endpoint
  • Mobile application management

In general, endpoint protection remains a top priority as we work to strengthen the security of your network.

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Onboarding and Decommissioning Mobile Devices

We understand that at your business new mobile devices, new device users, and new project rollouts will continually need to be onboarded. At the same time old mobile devices and departing employees  need to be properly decommissioned in order to keep your cybersecurity efforts airtight.

DataTap’s experienced technicians have extensive industry knowledge and take into consideration the entire life cycle of mobile device management as a means to secure data, users, and any other potentially compromising factors.

MDM and Compliance

Using our comprehensive combined skills and industry expertise, DataTap’s effective MDMhelps businesses remain compliant with government regulations and industry standards. We’ll take care of everything from managing technical support for devices, conducting audits, installing software, and configuring devices.

Top-level planning and proactive efforts in hardening and protecting your data systems are important aspects of compliance, and DataTap’s team of experts is well-equipped to handle it.

MDM Cost Savings

Our team at DataTap is adept at MDM to help achieve cost savings when possible. The risks of expensive data breaches and vulnerability exploits are reduced with our efficient mobile device management. There may also be an ideal opportunity to plan and account for better comprehensive utilization of mobile devices in a given business process.

DataTap is experienced in using MDM to help companies solve issues related to bring your own device (BYOD) policies. If your organization has a BYOD program, we’ll take into account employees using their personal mobile devices to access business data and workflows.

Partner with a Reliable IT Provider

Don’t be caught off guard by remote work and BYOD! For sophisticated mobile device management, you need to partner with a reliable IT provider. DataTap has you covered.Our team will craft a personalized strategy for MDM according to your company’s unique needs. For a free assessment, contact DataTap today!

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