Protect your Boise & SLC business’s most valuable asset. When it comes to preserving company and client data, DataTap has you covered with managed backup and restore services. 

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Protect your data from disaster with MAnaged backup

Did you know that 60% of small businesses that fall victim to cyberattacks go out of business within six months? It’s a staggering statistic, and it proves that safeguarding your business against costly and detrimental cyberattacks is more important than ever. That’s where DataTap’s professional data backup and restore services come in.

Disasters happen, and it’s inevitable that some sort of disaster will affect your Idaho or Utah company in the near future—if it hasn’t already. The good news is that with some planning and preparation, you can minimize the damage from these kinds of events.

What Are Backup and Restore Services?

DataTap’s backup and restore services ensure your data is safely backed up both on and off site so that no matter what happens, you can minimize downtime and lost data to keep your operations running smoothly.

Our Salt Lake City & Boise IT team provides thorough and consistent backups to establish a robust safeguard process that keeps your vital data protected around the clock, regardless of what external factors are at play.

Our data restore services work to get your network back online in no time so you can keep servicing your customers without interruption.

Benefits of Managed Backup and Restore Services

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