If you’re looking for a way to protect your business from outside attacks and increase your overall cybersecurity, DataTap can help.

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Keep Your Information Secure

Increases in technology over the last decade or so have inspired more and more businesses to move their operations to the online sector. Whether you’re selling goods and services online, connecting with customers via a website and social media channels, or communicating with your internal team via email and messaging apps like Slack and Teams, if you’re connected to the internet, there’s a chance you could fall victim to a cyberattack. Every business needs cybersecurity.

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Save By Staying Ahead of Cyber Attacks

Statistics show that the average cost of dealing with a cyberattack is around $200,000, and that’s not just for large companies. Around 43% of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses, which means you need solid cybersecurity services no matter the size of your company.

Cybersecurity Services

When you’re looking for an IT firm to help you with cybersecurity services, it’s important to make sure that your coverage is multilayered. You need a team who can identify weak areas in your current system and develop a plan to strengthen them, detect and neutralize active cybersecurity threats, and help you get back up and running if you fall victim to a cybersecurity attack.

DataTap can do all this and more. Here are a few of the cybersecurity services we offer:

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Protect your business from the inside out. DataTap’s cybersecurity services are just one way to keep your system safe. Contact us today for a free network assessment and to learn more about what DataTap offers.

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Migrating to the right cloud solution provides you with continuous security, scalability, and performance benefits. DataTap can set up and manage your cloud infrastructure and take care of all your Office 365 maintenance needs. Contact DataTap today for a free assessment! 

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